About me

I first founded hr now! in January 2000 – pioneering Interim Management Services in the field of Human Resources along with a few colleagues.

Over the past years on assignments with various global North American-headquartered IT companies I gained a wealth of international experience and expertise.  I also gathered knowledge and expertise through leading and participating in a large number of acquisitions and company reorganization exercises.

2013 was a year that changed a lot for me; after leaving a role as an HR Executive in a global software company I decided against permanent employment and instead re-started my consultancy business. I also decided to pursue my passion for coaching, for supporting individuals who are at a turning point in their careers. As an HR professional you often find yourself in coaching situations and I discovered that I really enjoy such one-on-one interactions. And – as they say – if you enjoy doing something you are very good at it.

My consultancy business re-started in October 2013 and my coaching education shortly thereafter. My classes at CoachU, which I commenced in November 2013, confirmed that I had made the right choice for my future career.  Not only did I relish learning and developing new skills but also the opportunity to connect with like-minded people from around the world. I graduated from CoachU in 2014 and have been coaching various clients since then, however, I continue to visit classes, broaden my perspective and deepen my knowledge.

I live and work in the south of Munich. In my free time I love meeting friends, going to the cinema, practicing yoga and going for runs and walks along the near-by river.

You can find more about me here.